James Cowper

James Cowper is currently the Principal of Eastwood Elementary School located in Essex County, Ontario. He has been in elementary school administration since 2003.  As a self described lead learner James continues to inspire the students, educators and parents that he works with through his enthusiasm for learning and his positive energy.  He draws on his experiences as a teacher and leader, and most definitely as a father, to guide his practise.  As a Learning Forward Academy Class graduate James has worked with innovative thinkers and learners world wide.  Above all else his decisions are focused on one aspect of school life, what is best for the kids.  To make a school community excellent James believes in three tenets of leadership: Trust, Kindness and Authenticity. You can check out James’s blog, “Cowpernican Avocations” or his school’s blog, “The Eastwood Eagles School Blog” where 100% of his staff are blogging!


  1. Hi James;

    We are looking for tech literate schools to pilot our beta IWB lessons (PK-5). No cost! We just like to hear the feedback from the users. In return, each teacher that pilots the program can keep the sample lessons.
    Here is a video from our webinars. http://www.electrokite.com/webinar/

    Thanks in advance;
    Kerrie Gallagher
    Electrokite, Inc

    July 27, 2011
  2. Jenny said:

    Hi James,

    Just wondering how you keep the enthusiasm going for blogging? How you move the non bloggers on to blogging when they resist? All ideas are welcome,

    Many thanks from Jenny Ashby

    December 8, 2013

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