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All of the contributors to this website are doing it for their passion for education. Many of the posts that have been written were originally posted on their own websites, but we have all decided to help further the learning for new and current educational by creating a shared blog. You may not agree with all of the posts, but through discussion and reading, we can definitely further our learning as a whole.

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  1. Paula Kious said:

    My school district is pushing the teachers to do this claiming that one of our administrators had great results when he was at a charter school. We have yet to see any data that could fortify his claim. We have had two P.D. days that have only succeeded in confusing our staff even more. Most of us would be more open to considering the idea if we could see actual proof of real success and samples of what this implementation really looks like in a variety of curriculum situations. We were basically given a page with four boxes and a generality-based explanation. This only made it more confusing and added more questions from the teaching staff. We are jumping through hoops with no idea about how to get there or what the end result should resemble when correctly implemented. In all our years of teaching I don’t believe our department has ever worked so hard to turn so many abstract ideas into a concrete document that still eludes us…

    February 20, 2015

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