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Picture this… I have been appointed the new principal of your school. As my first form of business, I think that the library should go.  Although they are full of information, there are much better ways to use that space and money that is allocated to that room. How long do you think I would … [Read more…]

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Leadership is not an easy endeavor. When you think you are doing well, things can easily go sideways, or even backward. Because leadership is ultimately about how we deal with other people, we shouldn’t be surprised that the process is complicated. Yet when you think of the best leaders, they have so many of the same … [Read more…]

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In Thomas Friedman’s book, “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations“, he states the following: Indeed, there is a mismatch between the change in the pace of change and our ability to develop the learning systems, training systems, management systems, social safety nets, and government regulations that … [Read more…]

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You have probably heard of the public relation nightmares of both United Airlines and American Airlines, in the past few weeks.  My good friend, Patrick Larkin, wrote a piece titled, “Is Your School Like United Airlines?”, and he compared some of the mistakes with United and challenged if we make some of the same mistakes … [Read more…]

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I saw a link for an interesting video on “accelerating learning” for students and was intrigued simply by the title.  As I was listening to the content, the conversation was a lot of “we” (as in educators) figuring out what “they” (as in students) need.  A lot of deciding for them and “fixing” their deficits, … [Read more…]

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I received a tweet asking me for suggestions on keyboarding programs for students.  I didn’t respond. I couldn’t respond.  I am not a fan, and when schools are saying that they are either a) in a time crunch or, b) having limited use of technology, I struggle that we use this precious amount of time … [Read more…]

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I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on Twitter.  Yet the conversation about “intellectual property” and “does the school own my work?”, has come up several times in the last month and I wanted to share my thoughts. From my rudimentary understanding of intellectual property, older practices in education (that still might … [Read more…]

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(This is trying to look at something that is an obstacle, and creating an opportunity. I would love your feedback and any examples of classrooms doing this already.) I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I struggle when I see teachers or schools seeking funds for their classrooms through sites like “GoFundMe”. First … [Read more…]

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In my post, “4 Non-Negotiables for Schools“, I wrote that the first one was the most important: 1. They are a welcoming and warm environment. As someone who goes into schools often, I can get a feeling of the culture within a few minutes. Whether it is talking to the secretary, or seeing what is on … [Read more…]

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A very close friend of mine, were talking about “innovative spaces” in schools, and the thought of bringing someone in to talk more about it.  My question was, “So if you get people excited about redesigning their classrooms, how are you going to support it? Are you spending money on something that you might actually … [Read more…]

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I was inspired by this Medium post from Bryan Alexander , going through some terms on “Educational Technology”, that may be misconstrued or used incorrectly.  This was one of my favourites: Blended learning, n. The practice of combining digital and analog teaching. Also referred to as “teaching”, “learning”, and “the real world”. Yes!!!!  We don’t pull out … [Read more…]

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My brain is in so many different social media spaces now that I have no idea where this question came from, but someone asked (paraphrased), “What do we mean by risk taking?” I thought about it, and in my opinion, when people are talking about “risk taking” in the context of education, they are not … [Read more…]

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Thank you for signing up for “The Innovator’s Mindset” MOOC, happening over a six week period.  We will begin on September 17, 2016 and finish at the end of October (although the learning will continue long after that).  Currently, we are planning some YouTube Live sessions that will happen on the weekends (either Friday, Saturday, … [Read more…]

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It was an interesting day for me.  I spoke in the same district that I did my first keynote in by myself, and it was an amazing experience to reconnect and think about my journey over the last few years.  The person that asked me to speak over six years ago was still there, and … [Read more…]

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Thinking through writing… A question I always receive in workshops regarding the use of technology in the classroom is regarding the notion of “screen time”; what amount is too much (as you will never hear someone asking how much is sufficient!)? Recently, “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)”, changed their recommendations on the amount of … [Read more…]

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Innovation is more about mindset, than skill set.  This is something that I truly believe and focus on in my book, “The Innovator’s Mindset” (Which I think would also be a good part of this list as well!). In schools though, “innovation” is not only about individuals, but something that is required at all levels. … [Read more…]

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