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We don’t have cable (sob!) but we, luckily, have an apple tv where I can watch the NFL network at my whim. This past week while cleaning, I was watching/listening to a show called “NFL Fantasy Live“. I finally had to come sit down and listen after hearing the hosts and their guests to see […]

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I have been blogging for a long time. I blogged as a teacher with my students 10 years ago. I blogged as a facilitator with technology integration ideas & shout outs. I blogged as an AP, just about education leadership thoughts and with my staff. Last year I decided that each blog that was written […]

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As techie as I am, I have mentioned my love for my Erin Condren planner here and here. I’ve discussed my notebook for my meeting notes. That takes care of two facets of my daily world, but what about the other pieces that should also be on your plate? RTI, PLC’s, student data, etc etc etc… […]

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Peggy Marston: Veteran teacher, special educator, long time district employee, friend, and free spirit.   Marie Twitchell: Veteran teacher, mother, special educator, supporter, friend, and believer. Gail St. Germain: Office aid, mother, grandmother, multi-tasker, caregiver, friend. This week, I learned…

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A simple google search will yield many a list of “principal must do’s or how to’s “. While I can’t speak to mastering many of them, what I can do is give my “16-17” to do better list…these are compiled from many conversations with my friends, my edupeeps, my staff, my parents…voices that have a vested […]

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Being connected means I am always available on something. I’m checking twitter, or my email, or instagram all of the time. There is facebook messenger, there is snapchat. My staff has my cell number and I check my email regularly (gulp.) I’ve never thought of that as a bad thing. A conversation this week made […]

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