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It has been and always is, a blessing to be a part of district professional learning days.  These past two weeks, I have been so caught up in the passion of so many teachers who are on “summer break,” that are excitedly taking part in their professional learning.  Their enthusiasm has been contagious and has it … [Read more…]

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I have been paying a lot of attention to mental health lately, and the connection it has to social media, learning, and teacher wellness.  Part of this focus is because this seems to be more of a challenge in education than it has ever been (or maybe people are just more open about it), but … [Read more…]

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Dear George, Read this quote: I have always loved this quote and sometimes, I read it to feel empowered or to move on from tough situations. Recently though, I have started to look at it differently. What if the “critic” that is being referred to is me? What if the loudest voice of criticism is … [Read more…]

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Currently, I am training for a half-marathon race.  I don’t have a particular race in mind, but I am training for one.  As someone who has run marathons before, a half-marathon is daunting, but I also know that it is doable for my current health goals. When I was asked what race I was going … [Read more…]

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It is not uncommon to hear people describe change as difficult. In fact, often we describe change as something that people hate, that people fear, or that people don’t like to do.  We think about it. Other times we talk […]

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I had a great conversation with a new principal with very big aspirations on how they were going to help their school move forward.  Very quickly, she seemed to have detractors that were more focused on her than the hopes she had for where she would lead her school.  To be clear, this wasn’t even … [Read more…]

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My heart was filled this week, working with a few amazing school districts who are really pushing the boundaries of learning, and more importantly, pushing themselves to get better.  Educators have always been learners, but lately, I have noticed an acceleration in what is happening in classrooms. I truly believe that the changes I have … [Read more…]

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I remember one student I worked with who was quite a handful for teachers. He was very quick on his feet, and if he noticed that he got on your nerves, he would double down on what he was doing.  Although I was bothered by his behaviour, I did see that his ability to read … [Read more…]

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Although this commercial is a few years old, and it is a scotch commercial, it is a beautiful story. Seriously, take the time to watch it. If you watched this, you might be crying. Over a scotch commercial. When I show this to educators, I always remind them, that if you would cry over a … [Read more…]

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It was a true honour to write the foreword for Jennifer Casa-Todd’s book, “Social Leadia“. Although I have already read it, I wanted to go through it again through Kindle and highlight some of my favourite quotes.  It is an amazing book to really promote important conversations on not only “digital citizenship” in schools, but … [Read more…]

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