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Since I initially recorded this podcast in early February, a lot in our world has changed since then. Instead of posting this now, I hope that you can glean some insights from what I am sharing and create some ideas to apply to today’s context.  That is the whole premise of the Innovator’s Mindset. What … [Read more…]

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All over Canada, and at many schools in North America, today is the first day of school. Doing the work that I do today, I did not realize that until I opened up Facebook this morning and was hit by a barrage of “the first day of grade _____” pictures all over my feed.  The … [Read more…]

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I fell upon this article by Jennifer Gonzalez (known all over the world for her excellent site, “The Cult of Pedagogy”) advising new teachers.  It was a great read and reminded me a lot of my ups and downs as a beginning teacher. Here is the thing about teaching. If you are passionate about what … [Read more…]

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The perception of what “innovation” is seems to be a barrier in many circumstances in embracing the idea.  In “The Innovator’s Mindset“, I use the following definition: Innovation is a common term in many educational circles today and has been used a number of times in this book already. But what does it actually mean—especially … [Read more…]

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In Kim Scott’s book, “Radical Candor”, she states the following: In an effort to create a positive, stress-free environment, I sidestepped the difficult but necessary part of being a boss: telling people clearly and directly when their work wasn’t good enough. I failed to create a climate in which people who weren’t getting the job … [Read more…]

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I just recently finished reading Todd Whitaker’s newest book, “Shifting the Monkey: The art of protecting good people from liars, criers, and other slackers.” For the record, I am a big fan…

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