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This is an image I modified from the book, “The Growth Mindset Coach,” and then added my column for “The Innovator’s Mindset“: As focusing on a “growth mindset” has become amazingly popular in schools, there have been several criticisms that the work is not beneficial, or sometimes misinterpreted. All fair criticisms of the work, even coming … [Read more…]

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The above quote from AJ Juliani, (from the amazing book  “Empower“, written by AJ and John Spencer) stuck out and resonated deeply with me because of my focus on innovation in education. In their book, they are not looking at creating a system that does this only for students, but the educators as well. Here’s why… … [Read more…]

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I ask you a question. You are unsure of the answer, so you google it, tweet out if anyone has an answer, or use a plethora of resources that are at your fingertips. You find an answer and I call you resourceful.  I ask the student the same question, and they use your same approach you just … [Read more…]

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In Thomas Friedman’s book, “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations“, he states the following: Indeed, there is a mismatch between the change in the pace of change and our ability to develop the learning systems, training systems, management systems, social safety nets, and government regulations that … [Read more…]

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Recently at a workshop, one of amazing educators in the room talked about the shift in language from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset”.  She made this distinction: Fixed Mindset –> “I don’t know.” Growth Mindset –> “I don’t know…yet.” This belief in your ability to learn is crucial not only for our students, but … [Read more…]

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