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One of my fears when writing, “The Innovator’s Mindset“, was that I would leave something out and that it would be incomplete.  I then came to grips with the idea that although the learning is shared in book form, the learning on the topic, one that I am extremely passionate about, would continue.  Waiting until … [Read more…]

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If a classroom gets iPads, a question you will often hear immediately is, “What apps should I download?”  In our concern for machines taking over education, we often do things that encourage machines to take over our teaching.  I have been privy to seeing many educators use “flashcard” apps with students, not because they see it … [Read more…]

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“Innovation” is one of the most used words in education right now. It is something that I am obviously passionate about, hence the reason I wrote the book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”.  I am scared that we use the word “innovation” in the wrong way when there is power to this type of thinking. Words do … [Read more…]

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A question that was posed recently was challenging the notion of “innovation” in education, and how it challenges best practice.  “Best practice” can often be seen as the enemy to innovation.  But “best practice” doesn’t stay as “best practice” forever.  Look at the “Blockbuster’s” of the world. What was once best practice to them, was … [Read more…]

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