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I had the honour to be able to keynote the “Arts Integration Conference“, an online conference focusing on the importance of arts in education (hint…it’s very important).  I was asked to prepare an online keynote discussing “The Innovator’s Mindset“, and wanted to share it below. I focus on the importance of “innovating inside of the … [Read more…]

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  One of the biggest errors in leadership is when people aren’t moving forward and leaders look outward first, and not inward.  If you are wondering why people aren’t moving forward, ask how you are changing your leadership first, not why they aren’t changing their practice.  I have seen this mistake over and over again … [Read more…]

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I was recently asked the following question: How do you respond to educators who say “the idea of being called upon to develop an innovator’s mindset and to innovative scares me . . . I have the opportunity to work with some wickedly smart, wildly creative, and truly innovative people and I can admit that … [Read more…]

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Years ago, interviewing for a grade 2 position at my school, I asked the candidate, “How would they integrate technology with grade 2 students?”  Their response was along the lines of, “I don’t think students should be using technology in grade 2.”  When I asked her why, she said things like “it takes much time … [Read more…]

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This picture was shared on Facebook and I thought it was extremely powerful:                                       To be honest, I have no idea the validity of the post or if it is from where it says it is from. … [Read more…]

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