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I was recently participating in a FlipGrid book study on “The Innovator’s Mindset” and was asked this question by one of the participants: In writing a book on innovation, did you ever struggle with the idea that you were using a very “traditional” format? I loved the question, and here a couple of thoughts. 1. … [Read more…]

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One of the blessings of my work is that I work with so many different schools and districts that I can garner so many great ideas from their learning and leadership. Recently, one of these school districts started the day off with having a panel of students that “traditional school” had seemingly failed. These students … [Read more…]

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One way you can think about leadership when you are frustrated with others: Why won’t they move forward? A better way to think about leadership when we are frustrated with others: What can I do better to help others move forward? In the first scenario, you are looking for ways to control others. Good luck … [Read more…]

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