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In 2019, I have set the goal to run at least 100 miles using the Aaptiv app each month. Currently, I have achieved this goal for 11 out of 11 months, and only have the month of December to go.  My running has become better, and each month, I seem to be going above and … [Read more…]

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I have run a few marathons in my life in what seems like an eternity ago. They are as much a challenge to the mind as they are the body as any negative thought that you might have will creep into your head on a long run. After completing a marathon, someone said to me, … [Read more…]

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Currently, I am training for a half-marathon race.  I don’t have a particular race in mind, but I am training for one.  As someone who has run marathons before, a half-marathon is daunting, but I also know that it is doable for my current health goals. When I was asked what race I was going … [Read more…]

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The term “success for all” is used often in school mission statements, visions, and education plans. It is an important statement, but we need to really ensure we define what…

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