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Even in uncertain times, it is good to remember that positive ideas can come from even the most difficult situations. Juan David Campolargo, a seventeen-year-old high school student from Chicago, is no stranger to difficulty. Immigranting to the U.S. f…

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When I was a Language Arts teacher, I would walk my students through a series of practices on identifying their surroundings and writing down the details. You could try it right now. Take a moment and pause to consider the following: What are you seeing? Look up, down, around, and behind you. Are you seeing […]

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Every year has its moments, and 2016 was no exception. Various significant shifts occurred, including changes in the political landscape in the United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey. And the…

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I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I think that impacted my leadership last year was that I put all of the “me” things on the back burner, including my own growth as a leader. In years previous, I was very active on twitter leader chats, participating in conversations, I was more involved with my […]

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We have traveled as a district leadership team to the Solution Tree PLC conference. Day 1 involved some powerful examples of what a PLN and PLC led culture can lead to on a campus. I figured out at my first PLC conference that the PLC mindset was very similar to what I think is the “connected […]

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I was recently a finalist for a superintendency in a nearby district, and while responding to questions that were posed to me by the middle school staff during my site visit, I shared a story with them about some students… Read More ›

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I remember a story a good friend told me about her first year as an assistant principal.
She worked with a teacher who frequently referred the same boy to the office for misbehavior.

Although the boy (I’ll call him Billy) deserved the consequences he received, the teacher was convinced he was impossible to help and really wanted him out of her class. Read More Keeping The Heart Of An Educator