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Having just received an email from someone starting a new “technology” position in their school, they asked me what advice I would give.  I shared the following advice: My only suggestion for you is to start from the curriculum and work backwards from there, not try to force technology into the curriculum.  If teachers can … [Read more…]

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The term “digital immigrants” and “digital natives” is almost as annoying as the fights are about the terminology.  These terms are often credited to Marc Prensky, and from when I have had the opportunity to have heard him speak, he doesn’t believe that kids have an innate ability to use technology over adults. They have … [Read more…]

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My good friend, Jennifer Casa-Todd, has released a wonderful book on the topic of social media and students, entitled, “Social Leadia; Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership“.  This book not only provides a powerful “why” for students using social media in powerful and positive ways, it provides practical strategies for educators and parents while … [Read more…]

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I saw a link for an interesting video on “accelerating learning” for students and was intrigued simply by the title.  As I was listening to the content, the conversation was a lot of “we” (as in educators) figuring out what “they” (as in students) need.  A lot of deciding for them and “fixing” their deficits, … [Read more…]

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Years ago, interviewing for a grade 2 position at my school, I asked the candidate, “How would they integrate technology with grade 2 students?”  Their response was along the lines of, “I don’t think students should be using technology in grade 2.”  When I asked her why, she said things like “it takes much time … [Read more…]

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Starting “The Innovator’s Mindset” MOOC this week (#IMMOOC), a lot of people are jumping into blogging, and many people are reluctant and nervous.  Rightfully so. It can be a daunting task. But as you are doing it, think of this image created by my brother years ago: Many people focus on the technologies on the … [Read more…]

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My good friend AJ Juliani is about to start a Genius Hour Master Course.  His passion for this topic and his ability to share his enthusiasm has made a significant difference with so many educators. As this is a paid course, you can sign up here, and he is also offering a 20% discount if … [Read more…]

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Right now there is a conversation that is going on in #EDChat about the impact that social media has on education.  As many posts in the last little while have…

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