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This: “True literacy is always a two-way transaction. We don’t just consume; we produce. We don’t just read; we write. The ability to receive information is always the first part of the literacy equation that is necessary for the masses, and then the ability to express information generally follows, as we strive to quench our … [Read more…]

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My brother shared this out yesterday: Starting at 11 seconds, great example of student explaining science via vlog format. #eci834 #scichat #edtech https://t.co/i2NzahZRmF — Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa) April 5, 2017 It is so good. So brilliant. So articulate. My first thought was, “Do we ask our students to do this type of work in … [Read more…]

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[Version I: Just the Manifesto] My Open Educator Manifesto ‘We’ educate future citizens of the world Teaching is my professional practice I Share by default I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative,…

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When you issue an open invitation and gather together a large group of self-nominated passionate stakeholders from a broad cross-section across a system or organization and ask them to vision…

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