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I thoroughly enjoyed this post from Shawn Lovejoy on “The Liabilities of Being a Perfectionist.” This part specifically stood out to me: Leaders execute. They get things done. Quickly, consistently and (hopefully) with little drama. Perfectionist leaders get trapped “waiting” on something to be perfect. Conditions must be ideal and every wrinkle ironed out before a … [Read more…]

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Through reffing basketball, I learned a lot of lessons that apply to my learning to this day.  The ability to be challenged in learning on something you believe is not as bad as being yelled at that you are wrong about something while you are running and sweating One lesson that I learned that was … [Read more…]

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Trying to get pumped up for 2017, I went a hunt for some awesome inspirational quotes on leadership, being passionate, and working for success. Personally and professionally I have many goals for 2017, and I know others do as well.  As a way to be able to find this inspiration, I decided to put these … [Read more…]

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