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When I was a boy, I loved to lay on the front porch at night.
With no streetlights or neighbors, our house was enveloped in darkness, surrounded by swampy creeks and woods, accompanied by the sound of crickets and the serenade of spring frogs.

The blanket of stars above me was a thick, cloudy, mesmerizing maze of constellations.

My dad went through a phase of interest in telescopes, so sometimes we took turns looking for planets or peering at the moon.

Did you know that only one side of the moon is visible from the Earth?

Because of the Earth’s orbit and the moon’s speed of rotation while orbiting, we never see the other side of the moon.

Just like we only see one side of the moon, all of us operate in contexts that no one else is able to see–especially leaders. Read More Seeing The Other Side Of The Moon