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In 2019, I have set the goal to run at least 100 miles using the Aaptiv app each month. Currently, I have achieved this goal for 11 out of 11 months, and only have the month of December to go.  My running has become better, and each month, I seem to be going above and … [Read more…]

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In 2019, I have had a goal of running at least 100 miles each month using the @Aaptiv app.  Some months are more comfortable than others, but my focus has not been on getting faster but getting my goal done each month.  As I was doing one of the running programs, I heard the story … [Read more…]

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Having a vision of where you want to go is not only crucial for leadership but in life.  It applies to so many different aspects of what we do daily, whether it is about our work, our family, our health, or a plethora of other focuses we may have on our mind. But that big … [Read more…]

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Last week I left school early so that I could watch our cross-country teams run at a local race. It was one of those days where the sun and clouds kept alternating in the sky. My oldest daughter, Emily ran in the first race. When it ended, clouds moved in and a heavy shower began […]

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