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  The above quote is something I am known for. Not just the quote, but the ability to find positive and opportunities in tough situations. I am not sure if I would consider myself an “optimist,” but I have worked to become a solution-focused person. Sometimes, I do force myself to be positive because I … [Read more…]

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You can listen to the full podcast discussing the post below on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, or watch it on YouTube.        I read a comment on a feedback form that said something like, “These are great ideas, but how do they apply to teaching math?”  Every educator, including myself, wants ideas and … [Read more…]

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It felt like serendipity, but I received a very kind message from a good friend in Australia on Sunday morning and another from Mary Jane Burke that seemed to be interconnected. In this podcast, I share about how Mary Jane’s kindness helped me through a challenging time, but I also wanted to share the original … [Read more…]

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The worst day of my life was when I received the news that my dad had suddenly passed away. It was seven years ago this month, and somehow it seems like yesterday and also an eternity away. I was in San Francisco for an event when I found out the news.  I had received a … [Read more…]

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Check out the full podcast discussing these ideas on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes. The following excerpt is from “Innovate Inside the Box“: There is never harm in positively and authentically acknowledging the contributions the adults in our schools make. Don’t wait for someone to leave your building to appreciate them! Say good things about them … [Read more…]

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For the last three years, I have shared some of my favorite quotes from the past year that have inspired me or made me think deeper about a subject. I wanted to provide some for this year as well.  Have an amazing year and beyond!! 2017  |  2018   |  2019 “Students should have rich, relevant, … [Read more…]

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In April 2010, I wrote my first blog post. I am almost at the ten-year mark, and I have published over 1700 posts in that time. The sole purpose of starting this blog was to understand how students could use this medium for learning in their education. In short, I didn’t want to skip to … [Read more…]

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At times, you have to say “no” to good things to be able to say “yes” to important things. You can’t do it all. Be mindful and choose wisely. The above quote is from a post, “7 Powerful Reminders to Focus on What Matters”, from one of my favorite blogs by Marc and Angel, and … [Read more…]

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IMpress Books is really excited about the release of Tom Murray’s new book, “Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences That Impact a Lifetime.”  I can tell you that it made me laugh, cry (a lot), and think a lot about our purpose in education. Here’s an endorsement from Principal and Author of “Be Excellent on … [Read more…]

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In 2019, I have had a goal of running at least 100 miles each month using the @Aaptiv app.  Some months are more comfortable than others, but my focus has not been on getting faster but getting my goal done each month.  As I was doing one of the running programs, I heard the story … [Read more…]

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I had just finished a workshop with a group of administrators, and a participant came up to me and said, “I had seen you speak before you had your daughter and I wanted to tell you that you seem much more empathetic in your delivery. It was nice to see you grow.”  It meant a … [Read more…]

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With the release of “Innovate Inside the Box” this past week, I was given the fantastic opportunity to share my “Sunday Seven” with the Burgess Consulting community which “IMPress Books” is a part of as a subsidiary company. The “Sunday Seven” is just seven random things from different people each week and I have found … [Read more…]

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This past week, I had the pleasure to speak at a conference where the attendees were both educators and students, at a 70/30 split. It was an incredible experience, and the enthusiasm from the students for the event was infectious for not only me but the entire room. I had the opportunity to connect with … [Read more…]

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From Wikipedia: Derek Anthony Redmond (born 3 September 1965) is a retired British athlete. During his career, he held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres relay at the World Championships and European Championships.[1] I don’t know what brought me back to the story of Derek … [Read more…]

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From the article, “4 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person”, Eric Barker shares some humbling ideas that make you think about how you approach life. He summarizes the article with these four ideas: These are four harsh truths that will make you a better person: You’re going to die: You have a deadline. … [Read more…]

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In the post, “The Most Surprising Thing that Came from NOT Achieving My Dreams” via Marc and Angel, they share this idea of an “Unbucket List.” I had never heard of that until now, and it was an interesting exercise focused not on the future, but appreciating the past. The author shares the following: As … [Read more…]

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