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It felt like serendipity, but I received a very kind message from a good friend in Australia on Sunday morning and another from Mary Jane Burke that seemed to be interconnected. In this podcast, I share about how Mary Jane’s kindness helped me through a challenging time, but I also wanted to share the original … [Read more…]

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In April 2010, I wrote my first blog post. I am almost at the ten-year mark, and I have published over 1700 posts in that time. The sole purpose of starting this blog was to understand how students could use this medium for learning in their education. In short, I didn’t want to skip to … [Read more…]

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This past week, I had the pleasure to speak at a conference where the attendees were both educators and students, at a 70/30 split. It was an incredible experience, and the enthusiasm from the students for the event was infectious for not only me but the entire room. I had the opportunity to connect with … [Read more…]

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I watched this Kyrie Irving ad, and I am not going to lie, it brought me to tears. I loved basketball as a kid (still do) and I asked my dad for a hoop in our driveway. My dad put together the ugliest green piece of wood ever, that was definitely a quadrilateral but neither … [Read more…]

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This post has no “educational slant”; it is just a personal story of something I experienced, and I wanted to share.  If you are looking for an educational post, regularly scheduled programming will start again with the next post. About eleven years ago, with my brother Alec and friend JoJo, we went to see some … [Read more…]

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This past week was the five year anniversary of my father passing away. My dad was 82 years old when he died, peacefully passed away in his sleep, with no significant health concerns, and had a family that loved him.  Our last words to each other in our final conversation were, “I love you.” I … [Read more…]

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As we come to the end of 2017 and go into the new year, I am just doing a bit of self-reflection on my own personal learning. I have put a focus on these three things, and they have made a particular difference to me: Focused on my health, both mentally and physically. I feel … [Read more…]

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I read a comment regarding how many educators often look at business for ideas on education and how we shouldn’t because they are two separate entities. Although the second part is correct, I believe that looking at what happens in the business world is beneficial to educators if they are open to learning from the … [Read more…]

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