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What kind of school environment encourages teachers to race tricycles down the hallways while also engaging in deep conversations about student learning in PLC’s? Kenny Ward, this week’s special guest, discusses how schools like his own must keep exploring ways to create cultures of learning and fun at the same time. In our conversation, he […]

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Aristotle  I think that we sometimes lose sight of what is important. We focus on individual acts, or in schools, individual assignments, and on praising final products and presentations. We often lose sight of the continual work, the tireless editing […]

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Recently I was speaking to school leaders at Okaloosa County Schools’ Summer Leadership Academy in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. I decided to combine my travels there with an opportunity for my family to stay at the beach. My wife and I loaded up all four kids in a Dodge Caravan, and we hit the road. […]

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When I was a junior high student, I remember feeling pretty clueless about what to expect in high school. Sometimes my teachers would tell me to expect to be treated like a number. At other times, they would warn us that if we were unprepared, we could expect a dismal future. Over the years, I’ve […]

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Dealing with setbacks is tough and can often lead to feelings of resentment and jealousy. This short video from comedian Chelsea Handler is a really great story on how to deal with it, and gives a great perspective. I know that I have felt this myself, and it can be tough, but this video is … [Read more…]

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I remember a story a good friend told me about her first year as an assistant principal.
She worked with a teacher who frequently referred the same boy to the office for misbehavior.

Although the boy (I’ll call him Billy) deserved the consequences he received, the teacher was convinced he was impossible to help and really wanted him out of her class. Read More Keeping The Heart Of An Educator

This post is cross posted from Technically yours, Teamann. Busy is the new black. Ask anyone how they are doing and what do response do you get? “Stressed!” “Overwhelmed!” “Can’t…

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A good friend and fellow principal, Lydia Wilson, from Bixby Central Elementary, wrote me recently about personal motivation.

Laughing Zoe by: airenmin license: Creative Commons 2.0 (by-sa)
“Laughing Zoe”, by airenmin. Creative Commons Photo

I liked what she said so much, I asked her if I could share it with others. Her response is a good reminder of the deep satisfaction that comes when we have the right motives for school leadership.

She writes:

Ultimately, there is no satisfaction in work if there is no balance in life.  

It does not mean that I don’t still experience heart-wrenching moments in this job, infuriating frustrations, or great losses filled with sadness. Read More Motivation by Wonder and Purpose

We have a student who is an orphan at my school. She struggles with so many emotions and doesn’t always make the best decisions–even though she still makes me proud…

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It’s always interesting to me how worlds can collide. We had a guest speaker at church tonight, Dr. Tim Kimmel. His sermon was on grace based parenting, particularly, how to get…

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We designated the month of February to be our Luna love month. Knowing that February is the start of the testing pressure and push, we wanted to remind our teachers…

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As we come to the end of the 2013 National Lutheran Schools Week, we look back on a week of activities, spirit days, service projects, and excitement to realize that…

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Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm and I were recently asked by educator and author Larry Ferlazzo to respond to the question: HOW CAN WE  KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED WITHOUT CARROTS & STICKS?  My response originally…

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Rwanda Reflections #3 – ‘They walk straight past us’   Through this series of blog posts, I am seeking to process another profound experience – visiting Rwanda for the fourth…

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