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I have this soft spot for music teachers.  It is interesting where you see this massive shift to focusing on “data,” that the arts tend to be cut first when they are needed more than ever. I have a deep love for hearing and telling stories that were instilled in me by my elementary music … [Read more…]

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I received an email from a teacher the other day that was quite frustrated. They had shared (paraphrasing), that although they were encouraged to be “innovative” in their practice and each had received a copy of my book to promote this from their administrators, they felt that the leadership practice in their organization was more … [Read more…]

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What is the most crucial element to innovation in education? People. That’s it. Take care of the people that you serve. Develop them. Feed their mind and soul. Build trust in a culture of competitive-collaboration where we both push and support one another, and you can have one of the most innovative schools/organizations in the … [Read more…]

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If you look at schools and districts around the world, the term “innovation” is everywhere, with organizations and individuals clamoring to be deemed as such.  If you have read my book or this blog for any length of time, you would know that I believe innovation, as not only a process but a way of … [Read more…]

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In Kim Scott’s book, “Radical Candor”, she states the following: In an effort to create a positive, stress-free environment, I sidestepped the difficult but necessary part of being a boss: telling people clearly and directly when their work wasn’t good enough. I failed to create a climate in which people who weren’t getting the job … [Read more…]

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