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This has been a busy summer of hiring new teammates and preparing for the school year to come.

Sample Staff KRA

In one of our recent interviews, I was asked to give some feedback on some of the responsiblity areas in our office areas. So I shared some samples of our KRA’s.

Those samples provided some great feedback into the nitty-gritty of how we do school.

I have posted before about KRA’s, or Key Responsibility Areas. Since that post, I have had other requests for some examples of the KRA’s used by my team members.

So I want to share some KRA samples from my school:

One is a list of KRA’s for office staff.

The other is a list and calendar of KRA’s for Counselors.

What Are KRA’s?
KRA’s are lists of Key Responsibility Areas team members can use to define their main areas of responsibility and service to your school and students. Read More Key Responsibility Areas Part Two