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Katie Martin shared this article on Facebook, with the title, “Student petition says too much pressure to succeed at Naperville North“.  Interested in the title, I read the first paragraph, which stated the following: A student petition criticizing Naperville North High School for putting too much pressure on students to succeed academically quickly gained attention … [Read more…]

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In our most recent #IMMOOC Live session, I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Katie Martin, AJ Juliani, and John Spencer.  As we are all discussing the importance of sharing your learning (process and product), one question that came up was along the lines of, “How do we ensure that this is seen … [Read more…]

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Katie Martin and I have become very good friends over the past few years. We seem to be passionate about many of the same things, yet we both push and support one another.  You need those type of people in your life; people who know when to be a “cheerleader”, but also a critical friend. … [Read more…]

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  In my consulting work with Winnipeg School Division (#WinnipegSD), we have developed a program in which we develop “Innovative Teaching and Learning Leads” (ITLLs). The purpose of this program is to focus not only what innovative teaching and learning looks like, but also to develop teachers as leaders to support the process within their schools. When … [Read more…]

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Thank you for signing up for “The Innovator’s Mindset” MOOC, happening over a six week period.  We will begin on September 17, 2016 and finish at the end of October (although the learning will continue long after that).  Currently, we are planning some YouTube Live sessions that will happen on the weekends (either Friday, Saturday, … [Read more…]

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