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I had just finished a workshop with a group of administrators, and a participant came up to me and said, “I had seen you speak before you had your daughter and I wanted to tell you that you seem much more empathetic in your delivery. It was nice to see you grow.”  It meant a … [Read more…]

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All over Canada, and at many schools in North America, today is the first day of school. Doing the work that I do today, I did not realize that until I opened up Facebook this morning and was hit by a barrage of “the first day of grade _____” pictures all over my feed.  The … [Read more…]

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With the release of “Innovate Inside the Box” this past week, I was given the fantastic opportunity to share my “Sunday Seven” with the Burgess Consulting community which “IMPress Books” is a part of as a subsidiary company. The “Sunday Seven” is just seven random things from different people each week and I have found … [Read more…]

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My daughter Kallea is almost three, and being a father has been the greatest blessing of my life.  Being a dad is tough, and I feel like I have been crying non-stop for three years with either sad or happy tears. Watching her grow up is fascinating, and I notice how incredible of a learner … [Read more…]

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Just thinking… My daughter just turned 7 months old. Watching her grow up has been fascinating, and when I FaceTime her on the road, she reaches out now, trying to touch my face. It melts me every single time. As I was looking at her, I was overcome with the idea of how when I … [Read more…]

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These lyrics from a song by Macklemore and Lewis called “Growing Up“,  brought me to tears: Don’t wanna be a dad that’s living in FaceTime But I’ve got a world to sing to and you at the same time I am truly blessed to do what I do. Travelling all over the place, learning with … [Read more…]

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