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I am very passionate about leadership in education because a great leader saved my career.  She showed me the importance of tapping into someone’s strengths and bringing out more in someone that they believed they could bring out in themselves.  I am forever grateful for her guidance and think about her leadership often and hope … [Read more…]

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My heart was filled this week, working with a few amazing school districts who are really pushing the boundaries of learning, and more importantly, pushing themselves to get better.  Educators have always been learners, but lately, I have noticed an acceleration in what is happening in classrooms. I truly believe that the changes I have … [Read more…]

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A few years ago, I was talking to a senior student, Jesse, who was publishing his first book. He shared with me that he had a great opportunity to speak at a gathering of authors at a book conference. Later, he was invited to a number of middle schools to share with younger students his […]

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You can’t change anyone but yourself, but you can create the conditions where change is more likely to happen for others.  As I work with many educators in leadership positions, I try to focus on going beyond the content of a message, and looking at the delivery of the message. Yet there are things that I … [Read more…]

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