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Working with two teachers who had worked in a co-teaching position, we talked about taking advantage of learning from peers in the same classroom.  I suggested it would be beneficial to ask each other specific focal points to get feedback on, such as are students actively engaged and empowered in their learning (not just on … [Read more…]

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Last week a teacher told me how excited she was to see the seemingly endless strategies teachers can use in helping students grow (see previous post).
As we talked about John Hattie’s list together, I began to think about how helpful it may be to focus on some of his specific strategies for more clarification.

Let’s start at the top of the list: The first strategy from Hattie’s list is “self-reported grades”, so here are three takeaways I wanted to pass along—one from a Hattie summary, one from my own experience, and a third from teachers at my school: Read More 3 Tips on Student Self-Reported Grades

Too often in education, we make decisions based on things like perception, feel, what people say, or who shouts the loudest. In a time when school budgets and resources are stretched to the limit, it’s vital for us to make sure that we have a base in research so that we may cut through the “educational BS” and find the high-yield strategies that really do make a difference to student achievement.

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