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Just some thoughts swirling around in my mind… In the past few weeks, I have been discussing social-emotional learning and mental health with guests such as Tony Sinanis, Jody Carrington, and Mandy Froehlich. Why would I discuss these topics on a podcast about “Innovation” in education? This is from “The Innovator’s Mindset“: “…at the heart … [Read more…]

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Not only have educators been inundated with information on COVID-19, but they have had to retool, refocus, and rethink completely how they are going to connect with and teach their students.  A lot is going on in our world right now, and my first instinct is that we need to slow down and focus on … [Read more…]

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I remember I was about to speak at a conference and before things started, the crowd of educators was loud as they were connecting and having conversations with each other.  Educators don’t get the chance to talk to each other on a personal or professional level as much as I am sure many would appreciate so … [Read more…]

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