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At the beginning of my teaching career, I applied for a Kindergarten position, and from that interview, I was given the opportunity to teach high school technology.  The reason I was hired to teach a technology class was that I had minimal experience with technology coming out of college and that “minimal” amount was more … [Read more…]

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The above quote from AJ Juliani, (from the amazing book  “Empower“, written by AJ and John Spencer) stuck out and resonated deeply with me because of my focus on innovation in education. In their book, they are not looking at creating a system that does this only for students, but the educators as well. Here’s why… … [Read more…]

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My good friend AJ Juliani is about to start a Genius Hour Master Course.  His passion for this topic and his ability to share his enthusiasm has made a significant difference with so many educators. As this is a paid course, you can sign up here, and he is also offering a 20% discount if … [Read more…]

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