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From Katie Martin in “Learner-Centred Innovation“: Just think how you might begin to make the changes and the impact you desire in school if instead of statements like, “If they would have, . . .” you started asking, “How might I…?” This is what is referred to by psychologists as the locus of control or … [Read more…]

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I recently read a post titled, “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Need to Tell,” and they listed these ten stories that leaders need to be able to tell: Story 1: Where We Came From (A Founding Story) Story 2: Why We Can’t Stay Here (A Case-for-Change Story) Story 3: Where We’re Going (A Vision Story) … [Read more…]

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In my upcoming book, “Innovate Inside the Box“: Our imperfections and failures are often what make us relatable to our students and the people with whom we work. As my good friend and brilliant educator Meghan Lawson says, “We don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. We need to care deeply about our … [Read more…]

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