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I read this great post from Deidre Roemer recently, where she discusses a letter she received from a former student. With deep reflection, although the message was very complimentary of the student’s time with Deidre, I appreciate Deidre’s self-reflection on what she read: When I read the letter the first time, I felt really good … [Read more…]

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I recently shared this image on Twitter: This was written in my book “The Innovator’s Mindset,” and since then, my thoughts have evolved on the question.  I will get to that in a minute. Here is one of the challenges I received on the question: I believe all 3 are key to success. Without compliance, … [Read more…]

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Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm and I were recently asked by educator and author Larry Ferlazzo to respond to the question: HOW CAN WE  KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED WITHOUT CARROTS & STICKS?  My response originally…

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