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In a recent workshop, I was asked: “Do you think that kids should just be able to bring phones to the classroom whenever they want?” At the end of the answer, I always share that ultimately, the decision should be with the teacher as they know their community the best, but here are some things … [Read more…]

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“Innovation” is one of the most used words in education right now. It is something that I am obviously passionate about, hence the reason I wrote the book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”.  I am scared that we use the word “innovation” in the wrong way when there is power to this type of thinking. Words do … [Read more…]

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Working with groups, I often hear this question when talking about parents and their lack of willingness for their students to use technology. “What about the parents that do not want their students using technology in the classroom?” In my last session, what I had said was that these parents who do not want their … [Read more…]

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Spending a lot of time at technology conferences, one thing is evident; there are a ton of sessions on “stuff”.  As I write this post, people are scurrying around to find ways to connect “Pokemon Go” to the classroom. Sessions like “100 tech tools in 60 minutes”, often dominate these conferences.  So many choices, yet … [Read more…]

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Think of what Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon services and products you use daily. How much are they a vehicle for communications, work, social life, purchases and tasks? How often…

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Words are a powerful vehicle for meaning and understanding, connected to individual or group perspectives, interpretations, and connections. The word “Digital” has been part of our vocabulary landscape for a…

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Yes, there is the Internet of Things: a world in parallel to ours were our devices, data, algorithms, gadgets, smart phones and digital tools interconnect, communicate, and work independently of…

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