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I am struggling with an idea here, so I have decided to blog it out…Let’s see where it goes. I used to believe that culture trumped everything.  If you were good at your job as a leader, and you built the right culture, once you left, the culture would sustain. I am not sure that … [Read more…]

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As it does seemingly every year, an article came up about teaching cursive in schools.  I recently tweeted this post out: Reading this article from 2017 – Do we need to teach children joined-up handwriting? https://t.co/i68gumEU5v — George Couros (@gcouros) November 11, 2017 I encourage you to read the post as there are many arguments … [Read more…]

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Speaking to a group of principals, one of the participants, thanked me for my time, and gave a very elegant “call-to-action” to the group.  It was not simply discussing what I talked about, but what they needed to do to move forward. One of her quotes that resonated with me was, “Intention is not good … [Read more…]

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Currently, I am reading “The Growth Mindset Coach“, and was struck by this passage and corresponding table: (Carol) Dweck identified five key areas in which the actions of people of opposing mindsets often diverge: challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism, and success of others. In the fixed mindset, a response to any of the five situations typically … [Read more…]

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I was recently asked the following question: How do you respond to educators who say “the idea of being called upon to develop an innovator’s mindset and to innovative scares me . . . I have the opportunity to work with some wickedly smart, wildly creative, and truly innovative people and I can admit that … [Read more…]

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