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Throughout the world, schools are managing the challenges of school closures in response to news of the spreading corona virus or COVID-19. As a school leader, you are expected to manage difficulties, but sometimes you are managing in uncharted territo…

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What stories have shaped your own leadership journey? I recently finished reading, Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. If you’re unfamiliar with the book, Tara Westover grew up in a rural Idaho with parents who embraced radical ideologies, including n…

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Check out the full podcast discussing these ideas on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes. The following excerpt is from “Innovate Inside the Box“: There is never harm in positively and authentically acknowledging the contributions the adults in our schools make. Don’t wait for someone to leave your building to appreciate them! Say good things about them … [Read more…]

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Why is hiring such an important part of your responsibility as a principal? First and foremost, because the students, teachers, and community members deserve high quality education experiences. And secondly, because the people in your school often refl…

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In August of 2016, I wrote the post, “10 Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #ClassroomCulture This Year, to provide some “investment” strategies on making school better for not only our students but ourselves.  I remember seeing this tweet by Heather Thompson Day, and it shook me: Many of our students come to school because … [Read more…]

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One day the teachers at Indian Run Elementary, in Dublin, Ohio, organized a “Flash TACO bar” – a spontaneous buffet meal where they shared great food and fun together. As principal of the school, Jen Schwanke reflected on the joy and creativity of her …

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Ever read a sentence or two, and it just stopped you in your tracks?  This quote from Seth Godin’s blog did just that for me: “Ruts don’t dig themselves. Most of the time, we’re in a rut because that’s precisely where we put ourselves.” Yup. Sometimes it is easy to feel lost professionally and personally, … [Read more…]

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Success can lead to failure. The Blockbuster video example has been used over and over again because it is a great cautionary tale of how success can lead to comfort, and comfort can eventually lead to failure. I was asked recently to share what makes a successful school, and my answer was the same as … [Read more…]

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“When is a time you have used grit, and what lesson did you learn?” This is just one of 100 questions you find included in the Table Talk Cards that come as a bonus with the book Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing Nine Hidden Challenges of the…

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Students today face newer and different challenges than students of the past. Although many of the skills or values they need to be successful remain the same regardless of time and place, they also have unique challenges that make them one of the most…

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In “Innovate Inside the Box,” I discussed three types of learning essential for educators: Being a master learner requires that we look at learning in three ways: learning about our students, learning for our students, and learning from our students. In the video below, I talk about each concept in under a minute.  I made … [Read more…]

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What does it take for small actions to produce big results? Over Christmas break, I listened to the audio-version of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and learned some value lessons we apply to our schools. L…

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2020 is an opportunity for schools to re-explore their relationship to digital citizenship. The growing erosion of our privacy as well as our amplified cohabitation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) present…

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