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This quote from Barry Schwartz always makes me think: Rules and incentives may improve the behavior of those who don’t care, though they won’t make them wiser. But in focusing on the people who don’t care—the targets of our rules and incentives—we miss those who do care. We miss those who want to do the … [Read more…]

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You want to try something new in your school or classroom and it seems hard to make your vision into a reality.  Here are a few quick questions that might help you through the process. Is this opportunity best for the learners you serve? This question is meant to “centre” the focus of what we … [Read more…]

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I always find it fascinating when I travel to different states and provinces, and educators ask me questions on why they can’t do certain things in their schools, believing it is the “government” that is not allowing them to do it. This week in both the province of BC and the state of Ohio, teachers … [Read more…]

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In an awesome conversation last night with Patrick Larkin and Katie Martin, Patrick was sharing some of the things that they have done in their district in the previous several years.  One of the stories that resonated with me was how when they moved forward with going one-to-one, they asked students for feedback on what … [Read more…]

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I recently heard this term called, “Occam’s Razor”, and I found it quite interesting: Occam’s razor is a principle first developed by the Franciscan friar and philosopher, William of Ockham. Whilst it is likely that the philosophy was posthumously attributed to him, as it was based upon common medieval philosophy, it seems to be a … [Read more…]

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