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In April 2010, I wrote my first blog post. I am almost at the ten-year mark, and I have published over 1700 posts in that time. The sole purpose of starting this blog was to understand how students could use this medium for learning in their education. In short, I didn’t want to skip to … [Read more…]

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Lately, I have been focusing on “common assessments” versus “common understandings.” I have written about this in the past and shared the following ideas on why “common assessments” do not necessarily do what they hope they do.” So here is where I struggle with this concept of “common assessments”. If teacher A does not work … [Read more…]

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I am past the seven-year mark of my digital portfolio (you are reading it right now), and I would say that both personally and professionally, nothing has made more of an impact on my career or learning.  If I would have known what this endeavour would have led to in both growth and opportunities before … [Read more…]

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Digital portfolios are something that are really starting to take off in schools.  There are different software programs that will make “portfolios” easy to share, yet do we truly embrace the power that a digital portfolio can bring into our schools?  Since it is “digital”, we need to go beyond a portfolio that only represents one year … [Read more…]

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