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2020 is an opportunity for schools to re-explore their relationship to digital citizenship. The growing erosion of our privacy as well as our amplified cohabitation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) present…

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My beast is a freshman in high school. High school, (if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing YOUR child in high school yet, just you wait), is a whole. new. ball. game. She is fiercely independent (which she comes by naturally) but is unable to grasp that I am still the conduit to all […]

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In 2015, I wrote the following article entitled, “3 Things Students Should Have Before They Leave High School“. Here are the “3 Things” that I suggested: As I was speaking at a school in North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida, and was talking about this, one of the teachers, Jason Shaffer, said, “We … [Read more…]

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I had the privilege of speaking to middle school and high school students on the notion of “Digital Leadership”, which I wrote a definition for in 2013: Using the vast reach of technology (especially the use of social media) to improve the lives, well-being, and circumstances of others. As I started the presentation, I asked … [Read more…]

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