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What is the most crucial element to innovation in education? People. That’s it. Take care of the people that you serve. Develop them. Feed their mind and soul. Build trust in a culture of competitive-collaboration where we both push and support one another, and you can have one of the most innovative schools/organizations in the … [Read more…]

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I had a great conversation with a friend of mine about how they felt under-appreciated and under-utilized in their work by their boss. When they asked me for suggestions on how to move their boss forward from their position, I decided to ask the following question on Twitter to see what other people would suggest: … [Read more…]

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From “How To Win Friends and Influence People“: Do you know someone you would like to change and regulate and improve? Good! That is fine. I am all in favor of it, but why not begin on yourself? From a purely selfish standpoint, that is a lot more profitable than trying to improve others—yes, and … [Read more…]

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I have been spending a lot of time thinking about arguing and how we challenge one another.  Challenging ideas is essential, especially in the context of education, but how we challenge others is as important as what we are challenging in the first place if we want to push thinking. Here are three things to … [Read more…]

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There was an interesting conversation between two participants in a workshop that I was facilitating that I have been thinking about a lot over the last 24 hours.  One participant asked the following question (paraphrased): “What do you do if you have someone in your organization that has great leadership skills, but they are leading … [Read more…]

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Ugh…I love this quote so much from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“: Look at the weaknesses of others with compassion, not accusation. It’s not what they’re not doing or should be doing that’s the issue. The issue is your own chosen response to the situation and what you should be doing. If you … [Read more…]

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Feeling valued. We all want to feel that we are valued for the work that we do daily, and when you don’t feel it, “checking out” becomes an option. When one is truly valued, they are not just commended for the work they do but are pushed to the possibilities of what they possibly could … [Read more…]

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I was pleased to read this quote from a recent article, “Google spent years studying effective teams — and one trait stood out,” which stated what was most important to the success of teams: What mattered most: Trust. So what was the most important factor contributing to a team’s effectiveness? It was psychological safety. Simply put, … [Read more…]

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Educators around the world are embracing new ideas on what school can look like in today’s society and are advocating for growth in themselves first, and others around them.  Times have changed, and education is not in isolation of needing to change; this is in all organizations and industries.  If you invest money in stocks, … [Read more…]

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  If Blockbuster was still around today, and you had to take out your life savings and invest in that company or Netflix, which one would you choose? The answer is obvious. But what about five years ago? Ten years ago? Now it would be easy to say that Netflix would be the obvious choice, … [Read more…]

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In 2011, I wrote about the idea of moving from “classroom management” to “classroom leadership.”  Here is a snippet from that post: For as long as I have been in education, the term “classroom management” is something that has been in every evaluation form I have seen as well as a major topic of discussion.  In every … [Read more…]

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In a workshop day with a fantastic group of educators, there was a comment on how to differentiate for our “high, mid, and low students.”  This language is something that I have used before because when looking at what we teach, it is easy to fall into this trap. If we look at who we teach, what we … [Read more…]

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Leadership is not an easy endeavor. When you think you are doing well, things can easily go sideways, or even backward. Because leadership is ultimately about how we deal with other people, we shouldn’t be surprised that the process is complicated. Yet when you think of the best leaders, they have so many of the same … [Read more…]

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In Kim Scott’s book, “Radical Candor”, she states the following: In an effort to create a positive, stress-free environment, I sidestepped the difficult but necessary part of being a boss: telling people clearly and directly when their work wasn’t good enough. I failed to create a climate in which people who weren’t getting the job … [Read more…]

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You can have a shiny new vision and mission statement, school or district goals, and a myriad of things that say what your district does.  But none of this happens without people.  If you do not value the people that you serve, and more importantly, if they do not feel valued, all of those things … [Read more…]

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I had the tremendous honour to work with the Sage Creek School staff in Winnipeg, Manitoba, recently. I work with schools all of the time, but this was extra special in that this staff is starting a brand new school that will not even open until the 2017-2018 school year. To have an opportunity to … [Read more…]

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