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Do you remember when Twitter moved from 140 characters to 280? For many people, the sky was falling!  Their beloved platform had changed so significantly they would not know if they would stay or use it anymore. I am going to admit that I liked the constraint of the 140 characters.  Sometimes I miss it, … [Read more…]

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I shared the following tweet, looking for thoughts on “getting everybody on board” or building consensus: Anyone have a good article on not necessarily having 100% buy-in from staff but consensus? — George Couros (@gcouros) October 23, 2017 I received this story by Thomas R. Hoerr, via Alan Peterson, and the beginning struck me: I recall … [Read more…]

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With 2017 upon us, new innovations will continuously develop changing our lives, for what it seems to be the better.  For example, last month Amazon shared this video of their new “Amazon Go” stores: The ease of simply being able to walk into a store, scan your phone, pick up what you need, and then … [Read more…]

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Anxiety can be high when you have a new superintendent, principal, or boss in general.  The thoughts of, “What changes will this person do while they are here? What will this new person mean for my context?  Will I get along with them or not?” Understandably a new person entering our lives, especially one with … [Read more…]

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