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This story from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is one that has always stuck with me and reminds me of the importance of understanding someone else’s perspective and experience: Then suddenly, a man and his children entered the subway car. The children were so loud and rambunctious that instantly the whole climate changed. … [Read more…]

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I received this question and image from David Voves today regarding a passage from “The Innovator’s Mindset“: “Reading today and with personalized pd, I always question what I have in orange. Wondering if you could give me insight?” “Personalized Learning” for educators is something that is gaining more traction in education, and rightfully so.  If … [Read more…]

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This past week was the five year anniversary of my father passing away. My dad was 82 years old when he died, peacefully passed away in his sleep, with no significant health concerns, and had a family that loved him.  Our last words to each other in our final conversation were, “I love you.” I … [Read more…]

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I am embarrassed to admit it, but I do like the clickbaity type titles more often than I should.  When I saw the title, “The 1 Interview Question All Great Bosses Ask to Hire for Potential (Hint: Mark Cuban Says It’s the Secret to Success),” I was interested in reading it just because I thought … [Read more…]

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This visual is from a great post by Katie Martin titled, “Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation“: Two things here that are quite powerful.  In my 2010 post, “What Makes a Master Teacher“, I talk about the difference between “Learning Goals” and “Performance Goals”, and list that criteria for a “master teacher”: 6. … [Read more…]

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Several times a year, I will receive emails from parents about a post I wrote in 2010 titled, “The Impact of Awards”.  Often, they are reaching out because they are struggling to watch their own children have issues at school because of the culture of “school awards”.  I encourage you to take a look at … [Read more…]

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With 2017 upon us, new innovations will continuously develop changing our lives, for what it seems to be the better.  For example, last month Amazon shared this video of their new “Amazon Go” stores: The ease of simply being able to walk into a store, scan your phone, pick up what you need, and then … [Read more…]

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In a previous post, “4 Non-Negotiables for Schools“, I shared what I believe should be evident in all schools: Charlie Hutzler, summed it up nicely on Twitter: ✔ #Climate ✔ Develop whole child ✔ Model #learning ✔ Stoke #curiosity 4 Non-Negotiables for Schools @gcouros https://t.co/gzVEeew3E3 #edchat — Charlie Hutzler (@CAHutzler) December 18, 2016 What I … [Read more…]

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Getting a message from a friend on Facebook, she had mentioned Daniel Pink’s book “Drive”, and it reminded me of how much his Ted Talk really made an impact on my learning and thinking.  There are some really good Ted Talks (or TedX Talks), but to be honest, there are only a few that really changed my … [Read more…]

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