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I remember early on in my career as a school leader wanting to solve every problem that came my way. In fact, I thought that is what strong leaders did.  I won’t lie, not only did I think I could […]

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Nothing cuts through the core of our heart and soul more than unkind chatter at work among colleagues that is meant to be hurtful. Often times, personal details about an individual are shared with others with the intention of causing […]

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This Christmas break, I took the family to see the newest Star Wars movie. If you haven’t seen it, please note the forthcoming spoiler alert. In the opening scene, Jedi-in-training, Rey, has journeyed to the planet where the retired Luke Skywalker, has hidden himself away from the universe and its troubles. She climbs the heights […]

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It is not uncommon to hear people describe change as difficult. In fact, often we describe change as something that people hate, that people fear, or that people don’t like to do.  We think about it. Other times we talk […]

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This summer I had the privilege of traveling to Washington, D.C. with my superintendent. At our district’s opening meeting with staff, he told a story about one morning when we decided to paddle a kayak on the Potomac near Roosevelt Island.
As we settled into our boat, we both began to paddle in separate directions: two leaders in one boat can sometimes create lots of waves while not moving very far.

Finally, we agreed that paddling together would be a lot more effective than each of us trying to separately navigate the course. As I rowed in front, and he provided steering in the rear, we were able to make good distance along the water and take in the morning sunshine along the Key Bridge near Georgetown. Read More 3 C’s For Navigating A New School Year