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In my workshops, I often talk about the importance of greeting students at the door in the morning to set the tone for the entire day. A simple welcome can provide the enthusiasm and warmth that gets a student excited and ready for the day. As shared in “Innovate Inside the Box,” this simple gesture … [Read more…]

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Two things stuck out to me this week… One was that I had the opportunity to work with students on how they use social media and tried to help them focus on “what’s possible,” not on what you shouldn’t do.  When I was introduced at one of the school’s this week, it was announced that … [Read more…]

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I try very hard to push myself to get into better shape, and I will have to admit, the struggle is real.  Getting older, slowing metabolism and a lack of routine in my life from being on the road has thrown me off a healthy regimen. Not excuses, but the reality I face and that … [Read more…]

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