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This post that I had recently tweeted, ‘30 Things About Life Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 30“, is full of golden advice that is for people at any point in their lives. Ideas on the topics of self-development, productivity, relationships, health, career, and success, it provides quick snippets to think about that would be great … [Read more…]

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Brady Venables shared this post, “Don’t ’empower’ Anybody”, and in it, the author (Claire Lew)refers to her own company and her disdain for the word. Here is what she states: I never think I should “empower” anyone — especially our employees. Why? The definition of the word “empower” is: to give power to (someone); to make (someone) stronger and … [Read more…]

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I was inspired by this post from Brady Venables, and especially this paragraph: My biggest pet peeve is when I hear people speak of wanting to provide students the same education they received.  This is a crime.  Insisting that we change our education to fit today’s kids and world doesn’t mean that the educations we … [Read more…]

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