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In April 2010, I wrote my first blog post. I am almost at the ten-year mark, and I have published over 1700 posts in that time. The sole purpose of starting this blog was to understand how students could use this medium for learning in their education. In short, I didn’t want to skip to … [Read more…]

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In July, I decided to (re)start my daily blog, coined Daily-Ink. At the time of my original attempt, I was a regular reader of Stephen Downes OLDaily, and a fan of one of my student’s blog name Wandering Ink. Thus ‘Daily-Ink’ seemed a good name. So what prompted the rebirth of my daily blog? I […]

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This is a follow up to a commitment made on my blog post, “Default Setting or Mindful and Intentional?“ Let me know if you like the vlog or if I should just stick to blogging. Challenge yourself to create at least one attainable healthy living goal, make it public, and let me know how you […]

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I started blogging over eight years ago merely for the reason to understand how this type of platform would help our students.  Blogging has helped my learning grow significantly because I have done it consistently for myself, not necessarily for an audience.  Knowing an audience is there though, has made me think a lot deeper … [Read more…]

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Writing can be a great way to release ideas stuck in your head, but it can also be overwhelming when you feel you have nothing to share at the moment. Personally, I try to blog three times a week because if I didn’t force myself to do it unless I had to, I probably would … [Read more…]

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…because you are overthinking. “Will anyone like this?” “Have  I wrote something similar?” “Is it good enough?” “What does this make me look like as an educator?” “I am not sure it is ready to post?” “Maybe I should go over and edit just one more time!” “I think I need more information…” “There are … [Read more…]

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“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey In a conversation with a principal yesterday, she asked me how I keep up with blogging.  I then proceeded to ask her if her door is “always open”, to which she replied “yes”. My response? You have to close it sometimes. … [Read more…]

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As a school division, we are deep into developing blogs as portfolios with our students.  To do this with approximately 10,000 students is a major undertaking but the work is…

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cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by brad montgomery Many school administrators (as all educators) feel an extreme time crunch and are cheapest cialis prices unsure of how…

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Caveat:  Although not a member of the Millenial Generation, I should disclose that I scored an 87 on the Pew Research quiz, “How Millennial Are you?”  Go ahead and try…

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with a small group of our county’s elementary school administrators about social media use in education. I gave an abbreviated version of my…

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