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  “The driver for learning is social connection.”   The statement above from the Edutopia video on “Making Connections with Greetings at the Door” is one that truly resonated. Check out the entire video below.    “I see you, I know you, I’m connecting with you, and you’re important to me.”   How powerful is … [Read more…]

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“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”    The above quote from “The Innovator’s Mindset” has been shared back to me seemingly 100’s of times in the past few weeks. I am going to be honest, that sometimes I get excited to see all of the opportunities this new reality is creating.  Then sometimes, … [Read more…]

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My friend and an educator that I have incredible admiration for, Bill Ferriter, recently wrote a post titled, “The Best Innovation Ever” where he discusses the importance of relationships in his classroom environment. He wrote the following: It was a different kind of year for me for one simple reason:  I stopped scrambling to find … [Read more…]

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I read this great post on assessment from Bill Ferriter, “How Would YOU Answer these Questions on Grading?“, where he asks these questions: Do your students care more about their grades than the learning those grades are supposed to represent?  Are the grades given in your building an accurate representation of what students know? Are … [Read more…]

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The short answer to the title of the post is “no”, you can’t be both “Child-Driven”and “Data-Driven”. Here is the long answer. When you have two focuses on what you are driven by, there will be times where one situation comes into conflict with the other. For example, when we “teach to the test” and not “to the child”, … [Read more…]

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Brady Venables shared this post, “Don’t ’empower’ Anybody”, and in it, the author (Claire Lew)refers to her own company and her disdain for the word. Here is what she states: I never think I should “empower” anyone — especially our employees. Why? The definition of the word “empower” is: to give power to (someone); to make (someone) stronger and … [Read more…]

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In my last post, “Common Assessments” vs “Common Understandings”, I was reminded of how powerful comments are on a blog, and why blogging is a hugely powerful tool for not only sharing your learning, but learning from others.  To be honest, one thing that I feel guilty about is not responding to comments on my … [Read more…]

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Today I tweeted this article: Thoughts? – Technologies That Will Define the Classroom of the Future https://t.co/XnFCPlER4r — George Couros (@gcouros) December 28, 2016 As educators, we should always be aware of what is going on in the world, and not be in a state of a perpetual “catch-up”. I appreciated the author sharing these eight … [Read more…]

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