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It felt like serendipity, but I received a very kind message from a good friend in Australia on Sunday morning and another from Mary Jane Burke that seemed to be interconnected. In this podcast, I share about how Mary Jane’s kindness helped me through a challenging time, but I also wanted to share the original … [Read more…]

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I found this old tweet Today is the 5 year anniversary of my dad passing away. This morning, I received three messages from people I don’t know, thanking me for things that I have done. They had no idea today was a tough day, and they brightened my morning. Always err on the side of … [Read more…]

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I wrote this in 2014: Belief. I have always believed the importance of relationships and how they are foundation of a great school, classroom, or organization, but having “belief” in every student you interact with, no matter how hard it is and where they have come from, can make all of the difference. If we … [Read more…]

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From the beginning of my teaching career, I remember trying to go out during recess and playing basketball with kids, because I was passionate about the sport, and that meant something to the students.  Not only did this boost my confidence as I grew older that I could still score on 12-year-olds on the playground, it was … [Read more…]

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I often get the opportunity to work with students and speak to them in large gatherings, which can be tough.  Some of the educators that I speak to might know me from my book, blog, or Twitter, but it is rare that students have any clue who I am.  Online connections help to build rapport … [Read more…]

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