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In the book, “A New Culture of Learning,” by Doug Thomas and John Seely Brown (highly recommend this book), they state the following: For most of the twentieth century our educational system has been built on the assumption that teaching is necessary for learning to occur. Accordingly, education has been seen as a process of transferring … [Read more…]

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I was inspired by this Medium post from Bryan Alexander , going through some terms on “Educational Technology”, that may be misconstrued or used incorrectly.  This was one of my favourites: Blended learning, n. The practice of combining digital and analog teaching. Also referred to as “teaching”, “learning”, and “the real world”. Yes!!!!  We don’t pull out … [Read more…]

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“Give it a second…it’s going to space!” Louis C.K. Here are some thoughts that often run through my head when I get a little frustrated with people complaining about how…

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