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For the past two school years, I have put together a collection of updates, photos, highlights, and announcements that I email to parents in a weekly newsletter.
As positive as this outreach has been, this year I decided to reach out to one of our computer teachers and his Desktop Publishing students to see if they would be able to manage a weekly student publication.

Last week we released their first edition. If you want to see a copy from these Desktop Publishing students, go here to check it out. Read More 10 Steps For Publishing Weekly Student Newsletters

Imagine this scenario: Billy is a ninth grader starting a new school. photo photo

His mother has dragged him through every store in town to find him new clothes for the first day. When the big day comes, he wakes up early—staring at the clock and wondering why he was up so much through the night to see what time it was.

He barely touches the favorite breakfast his mother has made, and then he straps on his new backpack ready to go. Before he heads out the door, his mom takes his photo to post on Facebook. He already has his schedule from the orientation meeting he attended the week before. Read More 4 Cues To Remember For First Days Of School

Yesterday I was privileged to hear one our senior boys do a presentation at a neighboring school. Jesse Haynes is a recently published author of young adult fiction.

Jesse Haynes, student and author
Jesse Haynes, student and author. Used with permission.

He was talking to groups of middle school students about his experience setting goals and publishing a book.

He also told them that his greatest inspiration for writing came from his 4th grade teacher. “I don’t know if you ever think about it,” he said, “But teachers give up a large part of their lives to prepare us for the rest of our lives.”

Wow, I thought. What a fitting tribute to the inspiring influence teachers have on students!

This week is Teacher Appreciation for many schools across North America. At our school, we’ve been thanking our teachers with yummy meals and treats. But no gift seems to be good enough for the kind of sacrifice teachers give every day in and out of the classroom. Read More Thank You For Being A Giver!

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Many of my childhood Christmas memories include sharing big dinners at Grandma’s, story-telling with family members, playing on the frozen pond with siblings and cousins, or just singing carols together.
In reality, not everyone has nostalgic memories this time of the year.

Last Thursday I talked to a teacher about a boy (whom I will call Johnny) who was having a hard time in her class. Specifically, he was shutting down, and no matter what strategies she tried, he wasn’t responding. Read More Making Memories–For Yourself And Others

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