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Teacher as compass: Teachers provide the true north, and help students find a worthy course… one that will challenge their skills on the open learning seas.

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I have been a fulltime principal for about ten years. A few years back, I took on teaching the sixth grade social studies class at the same time. I wrote…

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The post is inspired by a L2talk I did at the Learning2 Europe conference in Warsaw. “every storyteller has a bias – and so does every platform”- Andrew Postman “My…

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Every year has its moments, and 2016 was no exception. Various significant shifts occurred, including changes in the political landscape in the United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey. And the…

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The other day I was presenting to a small group of teachers and assistant principals on the many hats school leaders wear.
As I was closing, I asked them to look at me. Everyone fixed his or her eyes on my own, and suddenly I was overwhelmed.

I wanted to tell them how much our schools need their leadership…how much our students need men and women who are passionate, caring, determined, courageous, and committed…how we can’t do this without them.

But all I could get out was, “We need you.” And then I was too choked up to continue. Read More Dear Educators, We Still Need You!

Outside of school, most people apply learning across disciplines, scenarios, and experiences. For a majority of our lives as students, we are taught in a system that creates blocks of…

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The other day I was talking to our high school choir teacher, when she told me about a fascinating brain study involving music.

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MIT neuroscientists have discovered that music triggers an auditory cortex of the brain that doesn’t appear to respond to other basic auditory sounds like speech.

If our brains have portions that only react to sounds recognized as music, this leads to an important question: Are we really engaging the brain most effectively if we aren’t exposing it to music? Read More Triggering the Brain with Wonder

This summer some of our teachers attended Literacy Strategy as part of our before school professional development.

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As a follow-up, we invited a Literacy specialist, Shannon Gaines, to spend a day with our teachers observing and providing feedback.

We scheduled half a day to walk her through a dozen classes so that she could observe interactions, lessons, and strategies already in play. Then we met in small groups with teachers for follow-up conversations.

As a school leader, I wanted to know what Shannon viewed as some strengths as well as where we could grow. The feedback was helpful: Read More 10 Easy Literacy Strategies For Engaging Students

There is a belief that children nowadays are natural, “Digital Natives”, and that we adults on the sidelines are “Digital Immigrants”. The dexterity and comfort many children demonstrate when interacting…

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Over the last few weeks, an outstanding series produced by ARTE called “Do Not Track Me” has become available and is getting quite a bit of social media attention. The…

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