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Technology may not replace teachers, but teachers who integrate technology as a catalyst for learning will probably replace teachers who do not. Think about that for a moment. During a…

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Great leaders don’t spend time trying to change people. They spend their energy creating the conditions in which people want to change. Discussions move beyond “why” as educators begin thinking…

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30 Questions from Principal Interviews by William D. Parker was published originally at on March 25, 2015.

A few weeks ago, some fellow administrators and I presented to an awesome group of teachers who are preparing to become admins. A great follow-up question was: “What kinds of questions can I expect in an interview for assistant principal or principal?”

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I can speak from my own experience, but I will also share a resource at the end of this post and invite input from other admins.

First of all, a little history…or the story of 6 interviews:

Interview 1

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Although I have participated in over a hundred interviews to hire teachers and staff over the past ten years, I have been interviewed for administrator openings only six times. Three of those resulted in offers I filled–two as assistant principal (two different sites) and one as principal (current position). So the best examples I have for aspiring principals are the thirty questions I will share below. Read More 30 Questions From Principal Interviews (Plus More)

If we had to host our own detentions… how many would we write? how would we want student behavior impacted as a result? how would we work toward achieving that…

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Many of my childhood Christmas memories include sharing big dinners at Grandma’s, story-telling with family members, playing on the frozen pond with siblings and cousins, or just singing carols together.
In reality, not everyone has nostalgic memories this time of the year.

Last Thursday I talked to a teacher about a boy (whom I will call Johnny) who was having a hard time in her class. Specifically, he was shutting down, and no matter what strategies she tried, he wasn’t responding. Read More Making Memories–For Yourself And Others

Many have leadership titles, but our true leaders exhibit leadership behaviors. Some are listed here. Certainly not an exhaustive list, nor set in stone; but led to some great candid discussion and…

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We’ve run 2 staff meetings this year using an #edcamp format. They were very well-received, productive, successful, and provided instant feedback for staff and/or immediate classroom learning opportunities for kids.…

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     Instructionally savvy educators know that personalized learning is the heart of student success.  As schools strive to customize education through instructional design, technology efforts and professional learning, highly successful…

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