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As an adminstrator in school, it is essential that you define “WHY” you do things in school.  This will not only help to solidify ideas and ensure that you are…

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An effective teacher understands their students and creates opportunities for them to learn based on each student’s needs.  This is one way that we help each student learn based on their prior knowledge while creating opportunities for them to further their own learning.  Often though, our school professional development plans are based on a “one-size fits all” mentality that is nothing of the sort.  Now due to budget constraints that schools have, and a lack of time afforded to teachers, this is sometimes the only option that we have.  If we can help it as administrators though, we should try to differentiate the learning to help move people along based on their own learning and needs..  This is ESPECIALLY true in the area of technology integration. Read More A Technology Plan Based On Differentiated Learning

I recently wrote my thoughts on what make a “master teacher”.  Little is said though about what makes a “master principal”.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I would share an article that I use to guide my practice as a principal.  The qualities listed in this article by Cindi Rigsbee , hang above my office and I try to embody them each day.  Here are the qualities that are listed: Read More What Makes a Master Principal?